Paris Sur Court


To launch the J.M. Weston’s 'Moc' special collection for Roland-Garros, Motion Palace has created an original 90 second film. This dance film, choreographed by the talented Marion Motin, shows us two dancers performing hypnotically along the Seine banks to the Roland-Garros's central court to create a visual poetry that keeps you mesmerised throughout.

Grand prix Stratégies du sport 2017 • Prix d’argent

Director • Neels Castillon

Choreography • Marion Motin
Dancers • Marion Motion & Léo Handtschoewercker
Cinematography • Pierre Jouvion
1st AD • Sébastien Rouquet
1st AC • Thibaut Koralewski
Music • Super Duper
Production company • Motion Palace
Executive producer • Ariane Cornic 
Producer • Marie-Gabrielle Glock
Production coordinator • Sandrine Laveau
Post-production • Motion Palace
VFX • Anthony Lassus

Theme: Canvas
Layout: Video